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Pickup, Shipping & Delivery Policy

Pickup Policy

If pickup is selected option, the customer is expected to pickup from location:

97 Friendship Way, Parkesburg, PA 19365 (pin shown in map below).

Email correspondence will be sent out once order is received by TME personnel.

Pickup hours are Monday-Friday: 5pm-9pm/ Saturday: 8am-10am & 6pm-11pm/ Sunday: 10am-8pm. 

Orders are expected to be picked up within (3) days of date agreed upon. After (3) days the order will be returned back to inventory and refund will be issued for customer to reorder. Pick up option is free of charge.  

Delivery Policy

If delivery option is selected, you will enter in you address that is expected to fall within 10 miles of location:

P.O. Box 562, Sadsburryville, PA 19369 (pin shown in map below).

Deliveries go out on Wednesdays: 5pm-8pm/ Saturday: 9am-12pm/ Sunday: 12pm-5pm

If there is a preferred spot or your package to be dropped off at location, specify that in the notation field at check out. 

Shipping Policy

If the shipping option is selected, there will be an estimated price based on your receiving location and the weight of the order. All individual weights are placed in the system for the estimate to be as precise as possible. If the estimated price exceeds the true price of shipping, and estimate will be issued automatically. In the event the amount is short, the company (TME) will cover the difference up to $5.00. All orders are estimated with start position of our P.O. Box address. All orders are shipped out when email prompted of tracking number. 

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