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Our Promise

"You Got It From TME, It's The GLOW For Me!"

Welcome! TME Body Essentials LLC is the place to be where you will find what you need, and always get the best quality at a fair price. We have created our homemade products ideal for all types of skin and for your essentials skin care needs. A ingredients utilized in our recipes are made to be clearly described so you will know exactly what is going on your bode. Transparency and proper research are our foundations at TME!


Whether you're a one-time buyer or a loyal member of our Glow Squad, you can count on us to provide great products and provide excellent customer service every step of the way.

Browse our inventory, check out our Essential Oils Sheet, or Contact Us for more information. 

Looking To The Future

As we begin this business journey, we strive for success for others. Moving forward as TME Body Essentials LLC, we have made a start up commitment of donating to our secondary family business, Southern Honey LLC. In its' development stages, this business will focus on the aspects of bee keeping and harvesting beeswax and honey to generate homemade products and merge with TME Body Essentials LLC to become a fully sustainable business within each other. We have dedicated 1/4 of our proceeds to fund the start up of this great business to "Save The Bees"!  Be sure to check back for updates and other fundraising endeavors .

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