Meet The Owners


Totiana Culclasure

Head of Body Scrubs, & Bath Salts

As a High School Senior on her way to college in the Fall of 2022. This amazing multi-tasker joined forces with the other co-owner in the thick of the Covid-19 pandemic to start TME Body Essentials LLC. Her goals are to become a marine biologist or a juvenile probation officer. While her career goals are set her business goals are to expand and evolve this small business into a successful 6 figure company! 


Monijah Lewis

Head of Hair & Shea Butter Products

Currently a sophomore in college majoring in the respectable field of Healthcare. While she studies hard to attain her Bachelor's degree, she is constantly coming up with new recipes and processes to grow her moisturizer line into a trademark brand. After collaborating with fellow co-owners, Monijah is setting out to expand her expertise and create therapeutic and duel use natural products that will rival the competition on the market.  


Erica Mansfield

Head of Soaps & Face Care Products

Our lead administrator and fellow co-owner here at TME. While running and collaborating with this small business, she is also a wife, mother, full-time student, & employed for a local high school. She aspires to become a high school guidance counselor after finishing her bachelors and then master degrees. She consistently  comes up with new and innovative recipes and products that are natural and therapeutic in uses. Her main business goal is to establish TME Body Essentials LLC as a top black owned community in the body care industry.